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Everything below is free but there's a catch, you have to purchase The Blank Ebook...

This book is completely blank only with hidden blank images all with download links to all the websites below. Also the adult blank ebook that you can rebrand with your own link on all pages. In this ebook there is images with a download link attached to each one of the websites below. You'll have to search the pdf ebook to find all the download links. This can be fun and if you get lucky, you'll find them all. Each product below is in it's own zip folder, so if and when you find the download links, you get that product free, and so on until you find them all.

1: A complete models referrals website, very nice, with easy instructions for setup.

2: A webcam website with 56 categories with a dropdown menu. Easy to setup websites.

3: Amateur website loaded with links with easy to setup instructions.

4: A complete sex toy store very easy to setup and run. With setup instructions.

5: A Nice sex doll site for promoting sex dolls with setup instructions.

6: Top 10 Models website with easy to setup and run. With setup instructions.

7: Adult Enter Page.

8: The Adult Blank Ebook Rebrandable version, with three bonus websites. With Instructions.

There is only 8 blank images in this ebook all with a download link to all 6 websites, adult enter page, and the adult blank ebook.

These 6 sites are worth much more than the asking price of this ebook, not counting the bonus websites, and adult enter page.

Just find these adult websites and download them. All with Instructions...

Demos Of What You Can Find In The Adult Blank Ebook.

1: Demo Model Referrals Website  2: Demo Cam Site  3: Demo Top 10 Models

4: Demo Amateur Site  5: Demo Sex Toy Store  6: Demo Sex Doll Site

7: The Adult Enter Page Demo That Will Be In The Adult Blank Ebook Folder.

You'll get 6 websites, the adult enter page, and the rebrandable adult blank ebook...

All download links will be in The Adult Blank Ebook for you to find and download!

I can also setup any or all of these sites for a very small fee! Porn Turnkeys

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The Adult Blank Ebook

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